Charka Star Charm Bracelet

Charka Star Charm Bracelet

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  • Clarifies our thoughts making it easier to find a sense of direction in life. Builds self-worth, optimism, and cheerfulness by dissolving negative energies. Carrying the power of the sun is excellent for overcoming depression, fears, and phobias. 

Tiger Eye

Blue Oynx

  • Onyx helps release negative emotions, sorrow, grief, and guards against negativity directed at you. Onyx sharpens your senses and enhances self-confidence and encourages a healthy ego.


  • Known to attract luck and prosperity. Aventurine is said to uplift the spirits and enhance one's sense of humor. It has a positive effect on the psyche and promotes a sense of well-being. It encourages one on their life's adventures by simulating perseverance, increasing vitality, and overcoming hyperactivity

Stone Size: 6-8mm Round