Native Soul Incense Smudge Sticks

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White Sage has been sacred by Native Tribes who have been using it for thousands of years to drive away negative energy, to cleanse and to purify people, objects and places. 

Lavender known for medical qualities and for its power of protection and cleansing, works to soothe and calm people by restoring emotional balance. This herb opens the heart chakra, in such way attracts loving energy. 

Dragon's Blood use to drive away negative energies and create a protection barrier. Bright red resin is produced by different species of trees, bubbles red when heated.

Palo Santo Holy Wood in Spanish, a primitive tree from the Amazon rainforest. This blossom has been used for thousands of years by Shamans to heal the body, the soul and to purify spaces. 

Cedar, a resinous aromatic tree, has been use for cleansing rituals and healing rites. Its smoke attracts good spirits and eliminates the negative energies.